Remi wins at Berlin Design Awards 2021

Our restaurant Remi won the Silver Award in this year's Berlin Design Awards. From the Award website: "This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality...the detailing [at Remi] reveals the inherent qualities of the materials - what they look like in cross-section, their thickness and depth, and how the different materials make outside corners."

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Our new book, Works, is published!

Works documents 15 recent projects and describes what we like:

Articulation in Carlo Scarpa’s details,
The contrasts of genre in John Zorn’s blocks of sound,
The work ethic of Andy Warhol,
The aura of Miles Davis’ On The Corner,
The abundance of a Russian table setting,
The blink in Chris Marker’s La Jetee,
Having the sky on both sides,
Trust in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha,
The use of pink in de Kooning,
The interiority of Vermeer,
The brashness of Lee Krasner’s canvases,
The immateriality of apparent simplicity,
Revealing the beauty of a material...

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Villa Kellermann in AD Germany

AD Germany chose the Villa Kellermann as one of the 10 wonderful restaurants and hotels they’d like to dine in again soon. From the article: “Tim Raue and Günter Jauch have revived the magnificent building in culinary and gastronomic terms, and Ester Bruzkus has immersed the rooms in a nostalgic film.”

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Best Architectural Projects of 2020

Restaurant Remi has been chosen as one of Archello's Best Projects of 2020. From the article: "The dining area furniture, provided by Studio Coucou, combines custom-made tables by Ester Bruzkus Architects with chairs by Please Wait To Be Seated, upholstered corduroy fabric by Kvadrat and Muller Van Severen wall lamps."

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Best of Yellowtrace 2020

The Restaurant Remi has been selected as one of Yellowtrace's Best of Hotels, Hopsitality and Wellness Interiors 2020. From the article: "If there’s one thing the global pandemic has done this year, it’s made us appreciate the value of well-designed Hotels and other Hospitality Interiors like Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and spaces for Wellness & Grooming. Sure, we haven’t been able to travel, nor eat or drink out as much, but we sure as hell have all at least fantasized about it."

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Nominees for Most Beautiful Restaurants and Bars 2021

Two of our recent projects, REMI and Villa Kellermann, are both nominated for the award "The most beautiful restaurants & bars" from Callwey Verlag. The award ceremony is to take place in March.

We give advice about lighting in Elle Deco UK

Elle Decoration UK asks Ester and Peter for their advice about lighting interiors. From the article: “The most important thing about lighting in general is that it reinforces the architectural idea of a space but it also needs to create the right atmosphere. ”

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