A Tour Through Remi

Ester and Peter explain their design approach and take you on a short tour through the new restaurant REMI in a short video made by Baunetz Interior | Design / Heinze GmbH.

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Ester Bruzkus in #BEIGEsprochen Podcast

Ester Bruzkus is interviewed by #BEIGEsprochen in an episode of the podcast entitled Mut zur Farbe! - The Courage to Use Color.

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Lecture by Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg

Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg presented a Keynote Lecture "Opposites and Rhymes: Remi and Kellermann" at the Baunetz Interior | Design Digital Conference "It's All about the Details."

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Ester´s Apartment in Best of Residential Interior Design 2000-2020 by baunetz interior|design

Ester's Apatment 2.0 was selected as one of only 12 international residential projects from the last 20 years. In their review, baunetz interior|design selected pioneering residential projects to show what developments have taken place in design over the past two decades and how the use of materials and light has changed.

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New Jersey Design Review from Berlin

Peter Greenberg participated in Design Review for Interior Design students at New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, USA).

Restaurant Remi in Deco Home

Mitte´s New Meeting Point. From the article: “ the commissioned architectural firm Ester Bruzkus makes you want to call the next cab without hesitation. Once there, you are greeted by the warm interplay of different materials.”

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Villa Kellermann in Deco Home

The restaurant Villa Kellermann is featured in Deco Home in the article Raue-Zeit. From the article: “The food is served on plates like in grandmother´s house, supported by a comfortable, almost homey feeling through a brilliant use of fabrics and wallpapers.”

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