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The Green Box in Tagesspiegel

From the article:
"We think about what fits in the room, how the light falls in," says Bruzkus. Then everything else develops - if the clients play along. It has to fit. "For example, we had a client who didn't understand our open concept with few but floor-to-ceiling doors." They parted ways. "I don't go to Tim Raue and say, 'Your fish is great, but could you use less salt and olive oil and maybe soy instead?"

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Architectural Digest selected Ester Bruzkus among a very select number of Creatives to feature in a video they produced that they call "Stil Schule." In the video, Ester and Peter briefly explain their working method and what someone might need to consider to make a great design - strategies, influences, how to make material selections. The Stil Schule is a new important online format for AD which allows for a different kind of interview format than normal print media.

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The Green Box in WohnDesign

From the article:
"The "Green Box" forms the centrepiece of this Berlin flat. The monochromatic element houses the kitchen and at the same time zones the floor plan. Slabs of natural green and purple quartzite enter into symbiosis with the lacquered wood, while the cooking island impresses with black-tinted glass. To put everything in the right light, architect Ester Bruzkus and her partner Peter Greenberg brought the lighting professionals from PSLab on board. The panelling and shelves of the green box are made of lacquered wood, partly with a rhythmically ribbed surface."

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The Green Box in Schöner Wohnen!

From the article:
"The 120-square-meter penthouse consists of a large room with an L-shaped roof terrace. In the center along the longitudinal axis is the "green box" with the elongated kitchenette on one side and bathroom and built-in cabinets on the other. On the narrow sides are the sleeping and living areas."

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The Green Box gets published in Spiegel Stil and EBA Instagram reaches 10k followers!

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Remi, Villa Kellermann and The Green Box are nominated for the Raumprobe Material Prize!

We are very pleased that our projects Remi, Villa Kellermann and The Green Box have been nominated for the Raumprobe Material Prize. You can take part in the public voting and vote for us here.
Thank you for your support!