Ester a Juror for Frame Awards

Ester is on the jury for Frame Magazine's Frame Awards for Interiors of the Month. Submissions are evaluated by a board of industry leaders from across the design profession.


We were asked by Baunetz interior|design about our current material favorites. We answered about colored MDF that we used in Remi and are using in an upcoming project for Relaxound. From the interview: "When cut, it reveals its interior like a cut piece of butter. The colors are through-dyed and no added formaldehyde is used. So, unlike other MDF materials, the environmental impact is reduced during production and use."

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Remi one of the Most Beautiful Restaurants 2021

Our restaurant Remi was selected for the Callway publication, “Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021." From the book: "Materials come together like the high-quality ingredients of a dish to form a balanced whole. The REMI restaurant on the first floor of the Suhrkamp publishing house in Berlin represents the parallels between good architecture and good food. Enjoyment with ease and composure."

Villa Kellermann one of the Most Beautiful Restaurants 2021

Our restaurant Villa Kellermann was was selected for the the Callway publication, “Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021." From the book: "The furnishings of the three atmospherically exceptional guest salons in the Villa Kellermann deliberately leave the walls free, creating enough space for the dialogue between history and modernity...The result is a vibrant collage that weaves the spirit of the historic villa with the present."

The Green Box nominated for Best of Interior Award

Our recently completed residential project, the Green Box, is nominated for the award "Best of Interior 2021" from Callwey Verlag. The award ceremony is to take place in August in Munich.

Remi wins at Berlin Design Awards 2021

Our restaurant Remi won the Silver Award in this year's Berlin Design Awards. From the Award website: "This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality...the detailing [at Remi] reveals the inherent qualities of the materials - what they look like in cross-section, their thickness and depth, and how the different materials make outside corners."

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Our new book, Works, is published!

Works documents 15 recent projects and describes what we like:

Articulation in Carlo Scarpa’s details,
The contrasts of genre in John Zorn’s blocks of sound,
The work ethic of Andy Warhol,
The aura of Miles Davis’ On The Corner,
The abundance of a Russian table setting,
The blink in Chris Marker’s La Jetee,
Having the sky on both sides,
Trust in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha,
The use of pink in de Kooning,
The interiority of Vermeer,
The brashness of Lee Krasner’s canvases,
The immateriality of apparent simplicity,
Revealing the beauty of a material...

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